The Elements of Leadership™ Workshop

Train your team to be exceptional leaders

Are your management candidates ready to lead day 1? Could your team leads be getting better results? Are you concerned about placing high-potential individual contributors in leadership roles? If so, consider the Elements of Leadership™: a 2-day intensive in the fundamentals of getting things done through others. The workshop targets emerging and new leaders.

Elements of Leadership™ focuses on exploring and applying the 4 functions of a leader…what every leader must do:

  • Grasp Reality: Know yourself, your team, the mission and situation.
  • Envision success: ‘See’ the future; articulate a vision and strategy.
  • Engage commitment: Secure people’s full and willing engagement.
  • Drive performance: Define goals & expectations to produce results.

Drawing on 20 years of facilitating leadership workshops on six continents for Fortune 500 clients, Cash devised the Elements of Leadership™ around a memorable, repeatable framework so leaders can truly learn—and their organizations can benefit:

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover one’s natural leadership style with its strengths, challenges, biases and triggers.
  • Leverage one’s warmth and competence to influence people in tailored approaches.
  • Apply the 4 Elements of Leadership™ and associated mindsets, skillsets and toolsets.
  • Use the Leadership Action Map to address a business goal & implement post-workshop.

Each Participant Receives:

  • An electronic tablet (or downloadable workbook) with:
    • Workshop content/exercises
    • PDF of all presentation slides
    • Additional resources (leadership articles, books and references)
  • A journal to record leadership reflections and insights
  • A Leadership Action Map to document post-workshop action items
  • A set of 8 LeaderType cards
  • Visual reminders of the Elements of Leadership

Also Included in the Tuition:

  • 1-year access to platform with multiple assessments
  • 1-year access to LeaderCOACH™ mobile app with 30 coaching modules
  • A 30-minute virtual coaching session with the facilitator post-workshop

Business Results:

  • Greater self-awareness (thus higher EQ) contributes to a positive work climate.
  • Greater leadership agility increases employee engagement & productivity.
  • A consistent approach to leading more efficient meetings and conversations.
  • Greater effectiveness on a business initiative yielding return on investment.

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